Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adventures on Jetts Creek

For two days in a row a couple weeks back we went rooting. Digging for rattleweed, ginseng, and bloodroot.

Both days we had been up in the mountains with a couple friends.

We have seen strange creatures and not so strange creatures...

We have saw some of the beautiful sights of nature...

We have even saw some things we don't see everyday...

We have learned about making money off of roots. Rattleweed brings $1.25 wet and $5.00 dry. Ginseng is $685 dry and $300 something wet. There are also blood root that looks like iodine when its root is spilt open.

Rattleweed is used for muscle relaxers. Pretty hard work but fun.

So this is my last couple days through pictures on my iPhone 3GS. I have been busy but I sure did love to work.