Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Waiting for the lecture to load.....

I have been mulling over the last few weeks while sitting here waiting for my lecture to load up so I can retry getting my assignment correct for my Introduction to Graphic Design Class. It has been an awesome class however even though I have a man who is a tattoo artist I am dreading Drawing which is my next class that starts July 11th. Taking online classes through the Art Institute has been an awesome experience and I was beyond joyful when I got my college ID. One class at a time might take me many years but I am not getting burnt out or over worked.

Speaking of work I got a job hopefully with a local tech call center. I would be working Mon-Thru off Fri-Sun. I would be working 2:15pm-1am. Not the idea hours but I like being off three days instead of two. It allows me more time to work on school too.

Things with my mom and I have been kind of rough. The thought of moving out is now a constant thought on my mind. I need a separate place one in which I feel like is my home....my nest. Chris explained that this man Mr Nobody we will call him told him that a woman loves in a way a man can never hope to love and all they want to really do is build their home. And with me that is becoming truer every day. I want to build my home.

Chris and I have been going through a rough patch. It's good though because it tests our limits and shows us how far we are willing to push ourselves to make this relationship work. That when everyone is against it that we can truly make it....or break it.

I got a chance to meet Young L.O.R.D. and Big Scoop. Both are big time rappers from Lexington who have sung with Gucci Man and Waka Flocka Flame. They said I could come up and sing for them maybe be on some of their hooks. I need to sing an r&b song but the problem is my voice is all country. Kind of mind boggling.

Anyways enough rambling my video is loaded.