Sunday, June 26, 2011

Through God All Things are Possible.

Today I experienced having three kids ages 8, 5, and 20 months.

Guess who?

Lexi, Steven, and Xay.

Today I realized that I was capible of handling multiple children and not go crazy (mind you I did catch migraine for short time while having Lexi and Steven in the car).

Today I realized I could handle my son I didn't have him for as long as I had the older two but I realized that I was capible of handling him along with managing two older kids.
It was a tough load and I respect them single mothers out there with multiple kids because I realize it is not an
easy task.

We picked Lexi up around 2pm, went to the shop did a quick tat, stopped by Grumpy's, came home and let the kids play with Xay, gave them each baths, read them a story while waiting for Chris to cook, and then finally laid down and put them to bed while watching *shivers in horror* "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." Of all the dog movies I really hate this one I voted for "Marley and Me" but it wouldn't work.

Today overall was a good day, a blessed day.

I am very thankful for the turn in Chris's attitude that allows us to connect on another level. We haven't fought in almost 5 days....not for those who don't know us we usually pick fights....

He says: "I like to make you mad."
She says: "Well I am glad you do but I most certainly don't appperciate it."

But we love each other something firece. It's that love that makes people stare like what the heck are these two doing together, his family and mine have the members that don't like him or me. But we stay optimistic. Through God all things are possible. I believe that God has us together for a purpose.