Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sullen Ink and Sykes

Being a part of a tattoo lifestyle and and artistic lifestyle is really an alternative way to live. Chris joined in as tattoo artist for Sullen Ink in Mount Sterling, KY back in March. It was a bumpy road and he quit like three times on them. But we are back and this is my story of being part of the Sullen Family.

These people are ride or die for family. Sullen is all about family. Chris is senior artist, Fish is the owner who is right below him in tattooing, Ernest is an apprentice, Donnie is the manager. Grumpy is Fish's wife and I am of course Chris's girlfriend. Together with a few close friends we make up Sullen Ink.

Sullen Ink is not just a tattoo shop, it's a place to cultivate friendships, play video games, get pierced, or get tattooed.

My experience was all new because while having a few tattoos I had never been really in the lifestyle. Whenever Chris came along I got brought in and it is different. You have later hours, and sometimes your bored as hell, sometimes you meet the coolest people, sometimes you meet people who you wish they would leave before the tat even got started and sometimes we have walked away from a tattoo.

But this is my life. So transitioning into my new jobs at the local call center isn't to hard. I will be working for Bank of America 10 hour shifts, 4 days a week. That's going to be a good chunk of my time. But I will be at home with Xay in the mornings so that is when he is really awake. Then on my three day weekend I will bring Chris home.

The need to move is growing. I want to stop being on the road so much but either way I spend 75% of the time in a car each day.