Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Litte Boy

Since May when school let out we have had Chris's nephew for the whole summer. As each days passes this little 5 year old boy has given me a reason to get out of bed every moring about 9am and stared at me til I awoke (that didn't take long). I send him downstairs for breakfest with Xay and Mom after getting him dressed and then wait for him to come back upstairs to tell me what he wants to do till his Uncle Chris wakes up.

This little boy has taught me so many lessons. This little boy brought me closer to my son. This little boy taught me how regain part of my childhood.

Steven & Gotti June 2011

For the fourth of July I plan to take him and Xay to hopefully three sets of firework shows if possible. I want to take them to our local Pig Out In The Park, the to the Buckhorn show, and then maybe if we have the cash have a BBQ and have a small firework show.

This summer has been all about learning. And I can say this little boy has taught me so much. We have another month with him an my heart begins to sadden even though I know he will come back next summer I know that it will never be this summer again.