Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Wish Life Wasn't So Complicated.

So recently (7 weeks ago) I switched college when I had a sudden illumination of what I really wanted to a graphic design artist. So I started looking at online colleges that wasn't extremely expensive and accepted the fact that student loans were an okay expense. So my journey with the Art Institute Online began.

The first class we had we worked on basic stuff getting used to the software which we would be using. The whole Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. Getting used to Bridge, and Photoshop. But I had some problems with InDesign and Illustrator. Overall I completed the class with a B which is better then I had done in several semesters of regular community college. My experience was lovely, the teacher was nice and the class work was simple.

My mom is stressing herself to her death. I really believe that she is going to end up killing herself just by believing a psychic when he said she was going to have a stroke or heart attack and possibly die apparently. She is freaking out and causing her blood pressure to sky rocket, her nerves are shot. So now I have to decide how to go about soothing her nerves while keeping my boyfriend happy and while balancing two kids. It shouldn't be that difficult but my mother love her soul makes everything 20% more complicated then what things really are, I know I need to pray about it. She is depressed too and all she wants me to do is be with her like 24/7 and its frustrating because she is constantly on me about it.

I have spent a lot of time at the tattoo shop lately. Steven comes with us usually and Xay as normal stays with mom. I guess I am going to have to start scheduling time with everyone so maybe everyone can be happy. I never thought I would come to that stage but my mother is old she isn't as sharp as she used to be. I love her though just like I love my dad.

But I wish Life Wasn't So Complicated.