Saturday, June 25, 2011

How Do You Raise Your Child

I recently had time to sit and mull over discipline and parenting in general. So I decided to take the What's Your Parenting Style Style quiz. The results are in:

When it comes to Shaping my child's character I'm Involved but Flexible "While you believe it's important to set expectations for your children, you're not too rigid about it. You recognize that sometimes they may deviate from your considered instruction to follow their own path, and that's okay. When it comes to modeling behavior for your children, you take it very seriously, but you also recognize and appreciate outside influences that may shape their behavior; they'll learn from situations and people they encounter in the world - the inspiring scout leader, the beloved Sunday School teacher, even the flaky neighbor or annoying kid up the street. Overall, you want your kids to learn the best lessons they can, whether those come straight from you and your spouse, or another source."

When it comes to making the rules I'm Authoritative "When it comes to setting rules and expectations with your kids, you're the grownup and you know what's best. And since this is the case, it's not really necessary to always explain the logic or rationale behind your rules and expectations. you're also scrupulously fair: you do your best to apply your standards equally to each child. Parents who take this approach believe that it's important for parents to make decisions for their kids and that, generally, rules and expectations shouldn't be open to discussion."

When it comes to enforcing rules I'm When it comes to discipline, your watchwords are tolerance and lenience, and you tend to avoid punishing your children for behaving inappropriately. As far as enforcing rules and expectations goes, lenient parents like you don't think it's necessary to get upset with kids for not obeying instructions. It's certainly not appropriate to use spanking to get children to behave, and could be self-defeating. In your opinion, kids should be allowed to do what they like without being told exactly how to behave."

So looking over the results as I type this and I am like hmmm....this sounds kind of right. I mean I believe that a community raises a child not just me and PJ and Chris and my mom and dad. If my child does something really wrong I expect whoever that sees him to jump his little butt....but if he ain't doing nothing I will kick someones butt over him ya know? When I say something I don't wanna be sassed. If he asks me though politely that is another matter all things are up to discussion.

Just the thought of the do you raise your child?