Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rejuvenate thy body

I am not the best at everyday blogging kind of like I will do really good with my meds and then forget to take them one night. In which I end up taking them the next morning which in turn makes me lazy. I have been wondering if taking these meds are really going to help me. Dr C seemed to think that it wasn't probably going to help until I took the steps to help my situation though. But where the problem lies is that nobody truly knows the full extent of the situation except for my family who lives in it everyday. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is that everyone states I am running the roads and really if you compare the last 3 months to this month there is a dramatic change in the amount of running I have been doing.

My body is telling me I need to rejuvenate. That it needs rest and proper food. But how do you make yourself eat when you can only eat a small portion before you are full for the whole day. The abilify that I was put on was supposed to make me eat but instead it makes me drink a lot and sleepy. They said that until my body got used to it which would take a month because I up my dose after 14 days that it would be like this. So at least I get some good sleep ya'll.

Life has not slowed down any really. I am actively trying to find a job while I am getting buried alive by debt. It is increasing hard to make it as gas prices sore to $3.99 a gallon and food prices goes right along with it. Hopefully I will get called back for a factory job soon. I figure I can strictly pay my bills off with the first two checks and then should be back in good financial standings. 

All this as it is, I still don't have any goals of what I want to do. So right now I am going to take a second and list the things that I have thought about doing and maybe why I didn't go further with it.

1. Culnary Arts (Can't afford the school.)
2. History Teacher (I actually finished my Appalachian Studies certificate and am very close to having a history minor.)
3. Radiography Tech (Hated anatomy with a passion thus didn't finish the class.)
4. Photographer (Still might do this if I can ever afford a Cannon Rebel.)
5. Pharmacy Tech (Still might do this if I can take the class.)