Saturday, May 14, 2011

Morning dogs

It's 4:39am and I was woken from a rather peaceful sleep by the barks of Marley our blue heeler / beagle hound mix from her kennel. You see unlike our newest addition Gotti Blues who is a big baby a year and a half pit bull. The comparison between the two dogs and their relationship with Xay are remarkably different.

You see we have had Gotti for about three days and he is fully house broke and good with other dogs (has to be to do deal with Marley). He is excellent with Xay who loves to pet (more like whack!) the "dog dog" in his words. He also loves to give Gotti hugs. All the while Gotti takes it all as a big sport without biting once.

Marley on the other hand is probably around 3.5 to 4 months. She is kennel broke but not house broke. She is also our resident biter. She is the exact reason I never keep puppies yet she is still here. It may be because of my son calling her "Mar Mar" or "pup pup" which warms my heart. Or it may be that she is actually quite smart so I know if anything her minor issues are my own fault for not working with her more. Xay isn't as found of her and he is Gotti because she does nip at him and jump on him which he hates.

Either way both dogs are loved by Xay and also by us. They have managed to wiggle a place into our hearts. Our issue now becomes finding a home that allows two inside dogs. Yup you heard correct we are going to try and move. Not just Chris, Xay, and me, but also mom and dad. But more on that one later.

Good night morning y'all!