Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 2 - Them against Me?

Aries : Friday, Mar 18th, 2011 -- Mercury the Messenger's opposition to Saturn in your 7th House of Others could mean that your friends aren't very supportive of your new plans. You might feel as if you're running into walls every way you turn today because your current approach doesn't seem to be quite good enough. Don't try to fast-talk your way through the resistance you face. Instead, retreat and take time to improve your ideas before trying again.

Now you may be wondering why I am posting my horoscope but I find it odd how today it just kind of fit. And I wish I had of read this last night because maybe I would have been a little prepared for what they day held.

I woke up to a txt of a person who I have been on the fence about mainly because it's one of those people that is nice to your face but not when you are gone. Now normally I would calm and collected but today it was just one more voice into the crowd starting my day of bad I thought I could just wooosah and be okay...yeah right.

You see since I am on day 2 I refused to slack. Xay was in bed with me last night after playing into the morning with his dada. He woke up about 7:30am and played till I decided to try him on breakfast around 9. That was an epic fail but my mom came in and I was gonna let her watch him while I got dressed and stuff but she said "he's your son you got him." Which really wasn't a big deal but in the bigger perspective it was the trigger.

The bullet came later when my mom was going off about how I was taking the one thing that made her happy and how her nerves could not handle it and how she was going to pack her things and leave. Stop...rewind I was just going to let her watch him like an hour and a half before. I couldn't walk away.

Now when mom gets mad or upset my dad is close to follow. So about 30 minutes later he comes in. Now I love my dad to death but my mom leads him down so twisted paths and so he thought I hadn't let her see Xay and I can look back and regrettably say I did get a little rude with him because it wasn't even noon and I had three people coming at me.

For what reason?

Because I stepped up as a mom.

I am really perplexed by the complications. I got pretty much told I needed to find another place to stay and I am not quite sure what it is I am supposed to do because I am doing what everyone asked me to do but it's still wrong.

But then I have the other people that say I am doing right and that I shouldn't listen but with Chris gone with work I am stuck here and day 2 is definitely harder then day 1 and I hope this is not a sign for the future days.