Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Today is not only a new year but the start of a new decade. There was so much drama and just utter bullshit in 2010 that I have welcomed 2011 with open arms from the comforts of my bed due to this flu like cold that has had me down for the last three days.

Last year I had five goals for 2010 and I completed two. So my resolutions for this year are as follows:

1. Take back control of my life and my sons life.
      There has been a lot of hands in both my life and my sons life as of late. It feels like sometimes that I am just a puppet and there are several people trying to have control of the strings. Which invariably led to me talking a backseat to raising my son. Because I let everything else get control of me.

2. Finish my associates since I got my certificate.
    I finished my Appalachian studies certificate in Dec 2010....I will actually graduate with it in May but I will got FAFSA for my associates so I should get it in Dec 2011.

3. Cut out over 50% of excess spending.
    I really don't think this needs an explanation.
4. Move out of my parents house.
    On of my major issues is that there is no seperation between my family and my "family." Do you all understand? I mean I love my mom and dad but there comes a time when the child has to step out and raise their own family on their own. Grandparents should be a nice treat for the grandkids not a everyday every second thing.

5. Focus on helping myself and my son instead of trying to help everyone else who comes along.
    This past year I focused a lot on the needs of others rather then on my needs and on my sons needs. This years I want to change that and hopefully that will make for a better year.

Really looking at the list those are hard yet not so hard goals. I mean they are crazy out there goals. They are what I really need. I need to get so order back into my life.

Here is to the New Year. Hopefully it will be the best year yet!