Saturday, January 29, 2011

A New Life

So my life has taken a interesting turn for the better and more complicated at the same time. But here it goes.

In the past month I started taking my three college classes which are all going good. It is biology, a biology lab, and geology. I thought they would be a lot harder then what they actually turned out to be. Which is pretty cool...I have two more math classes to take in the summer and fall.

I stopped taking my antidepressants because I felt like I needed them to be nice. I was being absolutely horrible to people I loved and I am just over it. So I stopped and the first week or so was rough but I conquered it.

My sister rights are getting terminated and so she ask me because I was the only one in the family the social workers would consider letting adopt them. So this was when my life got complicated yet not. Because instead of thinking I was going to go into this alone I put my faith in God. I may not go to church everyday and I may not be perfect but I know God still loves me and I know that through him anything is possible. So I started praying and I got answers and that is what is so awesome. But I will cover someday.

So I got a factory job I work 5:30-4 every day except Sunday and sometimes then. It is hard work but this is now my 6th day and I feel so much better then the 1st and I am sure that next week will be better then this week. I am looking for a house in the town where Chris and I work but the main thing is this is all me. I mean my mom will move to the same town and so will Chris but the house that I am getting is mine and these babies.

But I got to get ready for work I just felt the need to say all this to get it off my chest. Life is looking brighter even though the cloudy days aren't quite over and I am thankful to God.