Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pointless Rambling

Christmas is 21 days away. is

Where has the year gone?? I mean it seems like it should only be midyear but here it is December 4th, snowing and almost Christmas.

I am still fighting my battles some days are better then the others. I have a lot of suppressive people around me at the moment...well more like one person but hopefully that will be corrected soon. I am actively trying to find a place to live. I realize that until I take hold of my life and my sons life that I will not be happy. How could anyone?

I haven't had a lot of words to say....I mean being truthful for a moment there is absolutely no words to sum up every emotion that I have been feeling. I feel like I might explode at times. But at the same time I am learning something. I don't judge people as quickly and I because I listen to what's going on so I hear more then one side of everything which is pretty interesting at times.

But I am pointlessly rambling....

Xay is so big...I mean he things he is Boss Hog walking around like he owns the place. And his vocabulary is insane. He calls my mom "mamuh" and me "mama" then you have "papah" and "dada" he says cat, bite, bad, nuh uh. His daddy has been around him a lot more and you can see how much that little boy loves his daddy. I am glad that they get to be together.

But my brother and his girlfriend are watching a Madea play so I think I am going to watch it.

Night folks,