Friday, August 20, 2010

What a start to the weekend.

The past few days have been interesting long. Yesterday we got to take Xay to the state fair for the first time. He was amazed at all the bright lights, people, animals, and stuff in general.

He got to touch sheep, cows, goats, chickens, and rabbits.

It was a really good experience but it was a lot of walking. I think I burned well over my calories for this week.

While we were up there is also got to see the Cat and the Hat. Now he thought this giant feline was pretty cool until it came time to go to it for a picture. He is in this stage where he is clingy and doesn't want to go to anyone besides the people he knows real good. But we still managed to get a picture...even though I had to be in the shot.

Kind of scary looking cat really.

After the State Fair we went to the mall and shopped for a while...I was not pleased with the walking. But I got some new clothes which made it worth while. We finally got home around 10:30pm.

Xay got to swing in a real swing on Friday. He just wasn't sure about it though so he got to swing with me which he laughed about. I guess we were a sight, but I didn't care.

 Then has been the most trying day so far. PJ came home around 5ish this morning, and then Xay decided to wake up 6ish which is horrible. I am not early morning person. I can go when it's 8 but anything before that I am invalid. So that kicked off the day, then after that PJ of course was killed so he didn't get up to do the stores with me so I had to do 4 stores (one of which I wasn't supposed to do today) this morning. I started thinking about a phone call PJ received yesterday about our job and I decided that I had better make sure that PJ's uncle (boss) wasn't mad at me. So I called and found out PJ had been fired for not showing up to work. I could deal with that but it was the fact that he lied to my face about it the day before saying that he did go to work that rubbed me the wrong way. So that started me to thinking about everything that had been happening over the past months and I was fed up. So I broke up with him (again). This time however it is the real deal. I have come to realize that I deserve better then what I have with PJ. I realize that my son deserves better. So this is a new beginning I guess you could say. Mom is letting me use her car (she says its mine but until I pay for it she will still try to control it) which is great for me.

Tonight I went to do the main store. Xay came with me because his daddy wouldn't watch him at the house. S

So I am ready for tomorrow. This is me sending out positive vibes that tomorrow will be a great day. I am supposed to go to Hazard with my mom, and I have to do one store tomorrow.