Sunday, August 1, 2010

Smells like sauerkraut!

We are 3 days into my medicine and no breastfeeding. I came to the decision to use this chance to stop breastfeeding instead of waiting till he was a year old. Though I absolutely do not recommend quitting cold turkey! It is the worst pain boobs are most certainly not supposed to endure this kind of cruel and unusual punishment.

In my quest for relief I have been using cold raw cabbage leaves (I was a skeptic) and to my utter surprise it was instant relief. The smell however is horrible and I woke up and was almost sick because of that smell. I do believe I will never eat coleslaw again. Besides cabbage I have found that while no longer recommended if I bind my breast (not really tight just make them secure so they won't jiggle) and take a couple tylenol that I will get so rest. All three together are amazing! Mind you this is what works for me and your body might react differently.

Xay on the other hand after 2 nights of being up till all hours till I give up and took him to mom finally gave in. Last night he slept for 5 hours in the playpen and then came to bed with me and slept the rest of the night. He might resort to crying again tonight but at least I got one good night rest.

Tomorrow is bound to be a busy day too. I have to go talk to the people at the college and see if I am going to loose my finacial aid again or if I should go ahead and buy my books and stuff. I know that I need to go ahead and drop my math class which sucks royally because that means no graduation but I guess everything happens for a reason.