Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving Livejournal / Wordpress to Blogger

Today has been a learning experience. After much consideration I decided to bring my livejournal account that I have had since 2003 over to blogger. That was the worst experience ever and I think it is almost impossible to do so. But I managed it and because I feel sorry for anyone else that has experienced this trying experience here is how:

Step 1: Create Wordpress and import Livejournal to wordpress.

Step 2: Download export file of wordpress.

Step 3: Because my file was over 1mb I had to go to and spilt it into 5 files.

Step 4: Go to and convert all of those files you spilt to a new .xml files.

Step 5: Go to click on settings and then import blog and load each of the new files on to blogger. If you do not choose to automacally post then sort through and post them.

With that said I officially have all my entries loaded on to blogger. My teenagers years were full of wild and angst so you have been warned if you decide to back read.