Monday, July 26, 2010

Striving For 31 - Official Day 1

Okay so I have been asked what exactly my nutrition plan was and well to tell you the truth I don't have one. I simply eat what I want but watch my calorie count. I have for the most part stick to subway 6" turkey subs or steak subs, either on white or Italian herbs and cheese.  But I also eat sour cream and chive baked potatoes. I understand that if I was to eat the 440 calorie big texas cinnamon rolls that I love so much that means I will probably be hungry later and won't be allowed to eat past my set calories. So that means *sniff sniff* no cinnamon rolls. I limit myself to one pop a day and drink water.

As for exercise plan well when it ain't oh-my-god-i'm-melting hot outside I walk. But since I got the wii fit plus I usually just do it. I do a lot of the aerobic and balance games and some of the yoga. I have 30 Day Shred but with the shape I am in it totally kicks my but. I CANNOT do a crunch. Maybe I should say that is my new goal?

So starting weight is: