Friday, July 23, 2010

Out Of The Mouths of Little Girls

I have never been away from my baby for this long I mean really it's not that long just  8 hours. But I miss him I wonder what he is doing, if he is okay. I know he is okay I know my mom will take care of him. Granted he did fall off the bed while I have been gone but besides that I know he is okay.

What am I doing? Babysitting as part of my job. A is 4 years old and is a ball full of energy. She is the barbie doll playing, little pet shop loving, Hannah Montana watching, doctor bag toting, proclaimed mother to two babies (dolls), jealous of other babies little girl. She has infantigo on her leg due to bug bites and she looked at me and said "My mommy said I can't go outside because I have uncletygo." I asked what she said and she was like "un-cle-ty-go!" Out of the mouths of little girl.

I am lucky to have PJ's help because he runs her energy down and but Lord help me I still feel exhausted. I think this will take at least 3 days to recover from but I don't have that time.

Tomorrow after work we are supposed to be traveling to mom's home town to see the latest addition to the family.

Sam is my newest great-niece. She was born 7-15-2010, weighed in at 18lbs even and was 19.5in long. She is the spitting image of her daddy. And I am so excited to see her! I also will get to see Lex and Ash. But I am not looking forward to the 3 hour drive down there and the 3 hour drive back. Xay will not be a happy camper.

But all in the days work. I now understand what all the moms say about getting a second wind and keep pushing on even when you are to tired to go on.

But I must get back to A who insists she is going on a date with two guys and is running around putting on play make-up, stunna shades, and knock off uggs. Oh the minds of little girls.