Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Xay if nine months old as of yesterday. The poor thing was sick yesterday and I think my thermomenther wasn't working because he was literally burning up and it was reading 97.8 which simply was not possible. So he was fussy and just all around miserable which in turn made me miserable because I could not fix him.

Today is a new day however and aside from just slamming his hand in my desk drawer he is doing great. He is to curious for his own good. My mom brought home a new puppy (we literally just got rid of one dog only to get wont last long) for him. He thought it was amazing. He sits on his knees a lot to play.

I got PJ his first tattoo the other day. It wasn't big just "Xadrian" on his wrist. I will assume that PJ will most likely get his daughters name on the other wrist because her mom would say that he didn't love her if he didn't. I could never be that kind of baby mama.

If you didn't guess my main reason for this post was to check to see if I properly installed Disqus. I am not really a geeky person I can figure it out usually with a little time hopefully. Do you all have any suggestions for things you would like me to change?

Speaking of changes I began thinking about what my niche should be. What should I focus on? Up until now I focus a lot of college and family life. And that of course will still be here because this blog is my outlet. But I think I am going to start focusing on at least main topic most a week too and maybe allow some guest posts too.

We will see how that goes. Well I have to do some reverse lookups for someone. I smell trouble brewing.