Tuesday, July 6, 2010

News brief

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I keep thinking that I need to sit down and write a post but there hasn't been a lot that has been going on to write about. So I think I am just going to note the important things that have happened.

Xadrian news
  1. Xay is officially doing the crawl position but has yet to actually crawl. He pushes backwards a lot and rolls like a champ.
  2. He will take steps when you stand him up and hold his hands depending on who or what is there to coach him forward.
  3. He can officially move around (turn left or right, walk backwards or forwards) in his walker
  4. He says mama, da, bite, and ba.
  5. He still has four teeth but there is two more that should be in by the end of the month.
  6. He can push those big toddler toy cars.
  7. He love to watch tv.
  8. He bites.
Family News
  1. My brother is out of rehab, got a job, and got his GED. We shall see how well this last.
  2. We have a new person staying with us. She shall be called S. I am not sure where we will put her considering we are maxed out as is but she is here none the less. She will be 18 this month.
  3. PJ is now without a job hoping to get one soon
  4. I am now working till Sept making $10 an hour 40 hours a week and cannot be happier.
  5. Still waiting on the newest member of the family (my new great-niece Samantha) to be born.

Anyways that is about it I have a midterm today at 12 which I am going to fail. Trust me I already know. I still have to get caught up with this math and in all honestly there is no hope in sight. I thought about just giving up and going ahead and applying for Sullivan and see about moving because honestly I am not so sure I am going to be able to graduate because of this stupid stupid math.

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