Sunday, July 11, 2010

Growing up

Xay officially walks if you hold his hands. I bought him a cute pair of sandals at baby gap for $3 they are already to big he is in between a size 2 and 3 at the moment, however most of the time he is barefoot. Yesterday we went to babies 'r us and he was getting a little heavy as we waited for his daddy to get us a clean diaper so I stood him on the floor and it was one foot in the other trying to get to his mamaw who he heard around the corner. In nine days he will be 9 months old and I don't if I should laugh or cry because it seems like that little bitty baby I brought home so long ago is nothing but a distant memory being replaced quickly with a rather spoiled big baby.

PJ and I are...well we just are. When I broke up with him in April I wasn't sure what would happen and I am sure as you all can tell he stayed. We aren't dating or together yet he is here. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to take him back but then he opens his mouth and I am reminded why it is now July and I still haven't taken him back. You see his attitude sucks. I mean really really sucks. He is constantly accusing me of texting someone (and is only right about 2 out of 10 times and usually it is either family or Sway), he is constantly on me about my eating habits (eat to much, getting to fat). Just picking at me at while some picking at me is fine after so long it gets to be rather ridiculous. Not only that but if you ask him (and not just me asking) to do something you might as well ask him about 10 times and then be prepared for his sour attitude. You see he gets in absolutely no hurry to do anything even if what you are asking him to do is important. And don't even get me started on him and work. You see we work together at the moment and well I am a perfectionist when it comes to work and he...just doesn't care. This is another age thing really but the truth is you can only get away with the same mistake twice after that there is no excuse good enough as to why you haven't learned. He could play the "I wasn't raised like you" or "I wasn't taught that" car only for the first 6 months of being around me. Here it is going on 2 years and he still hasn't learned? It's not okay and sorry is not good enough. So if he can live with the way things are now then he will have to live with the fact he will never truly have me and that because he doesn't have me there is always the chance that someday someone else will.

Enough ranting I guess I need to do school.


  1. I was somewhat where you are in college. I had my daughter during finals of my junior year of college. I took 21 units and 24 units the last two semesters of school just to finish. Her dad did not have a job and really really needed to grow up. I stuck with him until she was about two years old, I couldn't take anymore. We haven't seen or heard from him since. My now husband has adopted her, and she is none the wiser about it. Hang in there, stay strong and make sure you finish school so no matter what happens you can take care of you and your son.

  2. What a lovely blog and you baby is so cute. I hope you will stop by my blog again and maybe follow me back. :)!


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