Saturday, July 10, 2010

Car sear woahs

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I should be in bed till 7:30am. I have to start work at 8am. But as usual the best laid plans go on the way side when Captain Xay decides otherwise. So instead of the decent hour of 7:30am he has had me up since 6:00am. So two poopy diapers later and a clothes change we are sitting here letting his daddy get a little extra sleep (which I would love to have) before I wake him up.

Yeah I got a job through the WIA program again. I am working for PJ's uncle Charlie who owns Tayaus Distributing (he is the Little Debbie man). I get 40 hours a week (PJ only gets 32) and I get paid $10/hr. As you might expect I am very happy to get some of my bills once again paid off.

I need to look into getting a spare car seat because when we are in PJ's car we have to use the infant car seat which is officially the wrong size. Where does that leave me? I have no clue because PJ's car has no anchors so we have a horrible time installing car seats to begin with. The option to have a rear-facing convertible car seat is not an option with his seat (does no move forward at all). So for the few times we do ride with his daddy it will have to be forward facing. I am not sure how I feel about that but till he has enough money to get a different vehicle this is life.

Well I have to wake PJ up then off to work.

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