Thursday, July 22, 2010

Better to plan for the worst

I sincerely believe someone out there needs to create a better blog app that is free. This is my second time having to retype this because Blog Press free deleted it.

Deep breath.

On to the entry:

When it comes to college an worst case situations I plan for the worst. Because 9 times out of 10 the worst happens. So this situation is the same. You see, I am no good at math. No the better word would be I am excruciatingly horrible at math. You explain the same problem 5 times and I most likely would still not get it. Which is why I have only managed to complete one whole math class since I started college. Normally that wouldn't be so bad but I was down to one class and a semester being finished with my Appalachian Studies Certificate and my Associates of Arts.

Can anyone guess what that one class was?

You probably got it right if you said math. Intermediate Algebra to be exact. I also needed College Algebra. Needless to say this summer class has been a nightmare and there is most likely no possible way I am going to pass.

You see normally that would not be a problem, however the fact that I just got my financial aid back by an appeal is. By failing or withdrawing I will loose my financial aid again. While I am fuzzy on what happens then I do know I am not allowed to appeal for like 2 or so semesters. Which means I could take a direct subsidized loan or pay out of pocket. I hate loans it's like credit cards a debt with even if the interest doesn't build up till I am down. I will even bet that interest is rather huge.

So plan for the worst next semester if I loose my aid I will pay out of pocket for 2 classes instead of the intended 5. The 2 classes would be a total of 4 credit hours and will cost $600. Add $117 for books and then I would bay $717 back. Thankfully there is a tax credit to help with that.

Then I would see from there. I would at least have my Appalachian Studies Certificate and be 4 classes shy of my Associates. I might look in (though I really don't want to) getting my CNA which would provide me with a steady job till I could get my financial aid back.

Plan for the worst...hopefully a miracle will happen and this won't happen but it's unlikely.