Thursday, July 22, 2010

30 Days For Me

So I guess you could say I am jumping on the bandwagon. Actually I have been on the bandwagon since the first of this week after many failed attempts to loose weight so I decided to jump on Amber's challenge.

30 Days for me
You see I am not fat...curvy yes but not fat. I really do not like the word for the most part. I have always been between a size 3-5 and on very rare occasions a size 2. My weight was always 125lbs give or take a few pounds but normally nothing drastic. However I weighed about 130lbs whenever I got pregnant and the day before I gave birth to Xay I weighed 152lbs. Everyone had expectations that I would loose all the weight super easy. That I would be skinny skinny again within a few months. I came pretty close within a few weeks after giving birth I was at 135lbs. Then I fell in love with chocolate. You see I was not you average girl sure I like chocolate but never ever in large quantities. What a joke because I was downing like a pack of Hershey bars in one go. Needless to say I went back up and have been floating around 143lbs. I have talked about dieting and eating right before but nothing really serious came from it. I was to hooked on my junk food and pop. Then I had a reality check one of my guy friends looked at me and said "You're getting fat!" I froze. Sure my mom and PJ had made rude comments (maybe not rude but I consider them so) about me gaining weight, but for someone else to say was another matter altogether.

After thinking about the comment for a week I finally joined SparkPeople (after many googled searches for a diet help that was free) and downloaded the app determined that this would be the real deal. Now believe me I have most certainly not given up all my foods I am just counting calories and believe me when you start paying attention to what you consume you don't want to waste your goal calories on something that might fill you up for 30 minutes. So far I have eliminated soft drinks except for one a day (and sometimes just one sip from PJ's pop when he opens it), the major sweets I ate got eliminated (I still allow myself a treat a day though). I also try to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Overall it isn't a lot but amazingly just cutting out the majority of pop has brought me back down to 141.

We shall see how this goes I guess. My goal is to be back to 125lbs by Oct 20th. I figure what a fitting goal as to be back to pre-pregnancy weight on Xay's first birthday. I will make sure to weigh in weekly (even though I do it nightly) and keep you updated on my journey through losing weight. In the meantime go over to Amber's 30 Days For Me challenge and check out the other girls who are taking part too