Saturday, July 24, 2010

30 Days For Me - Goal Questions and close to my week 1

Weight check, nutrition plans, exercise..I feel overwhelmed! But goals I do have and though this challenge doesn't start till Monday I am already a week as of today into my hell challenge. So let's review my goals for nutrition:
  1. Consume between 1200 & 1550  calories per day                       
  2. Consume between 27 & 60  grams of fat per day.
  3. Consume between 135 & 252  grams of carbohydrates per day.
  4. Consume between 60 & 136  grams of protein per day.
  5. Track calories consumed.
As for how I am doing as of one week here are my stats:

I have eliminated pop except for one a day I have still yet to hit the 8 cups of water. I drink 2-3 bottles of water a day though. With this heat I probably should drink more but I simply don't like water. I thought about adding lemons to it. Any suggestions?

As for exercise, if you have followed my blog you might know that I HATE to exercise..I like to be lazy when I am home and while I tend to be clean a lot (even though my mother is inclined to not believe so) I hate the word exercise. But I have been trying to do it. Better yet I have missed one day of the past seven. I started out walking and it is to hot and Xay goes down for bed when it is cool so that wasn't cutting it. Then my friend Zell gave me her Wii and I was ecstatic! I bounced off to get Wii Fit Plus and have been doing it daily. Yesterday though where I was watching A I walked on her mommy's treadmill. I am still not on my goal though. So here are my fitness goals:

  1. Work out for 90 minutes a week.
  2. Burn 560 calories a week.
As for how I am doing...the day is not over! But as of right now I have 139 minutes of exercise but I have only burned 489 of the 560 calories. So week one is coming to a close, I am at 140lbs and I can already see some small changes.

Here is hoping next week will be as good and here is my answers to Amber's goal questions for her 30 Days For Me challenge.

1. What is my weight loss goal for this challenge?
Well I am taking this longer then 30 days. Making it 30 days itself is a challenge but my goal is to be back to 125lbs by Oct 20, 2010. That is exactly one year since I had my son and would be my original weight before he demolition on my body.

2. What are 3 things I will do during the next 30 days to take time for myself?
I will take time to pamper myself at least once a week.
I will eat healthier.
I will try to go to sleep earlier.

3. What habits do I want to change during the challenge?
Drinking pop, and being a couch potato.

4. How do I want to see my relationship with food change over the next 30 days?
 I want to stop eating so much sugary junk and more stuff that is healthier and of more substance.

5. How do I want my relationship with God to change over the next 30 days?
I want to make time for quiet time everyday to set aside a time to pray and just get closer to him.