Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Since when?!?

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Things were going to well....I mean I did good with school, Xay is growing, and then I get blindsided with all this other stuff.

I get call from a bill collector saying I owe like $220 for a doctor visit that I never received a bill for. Why am I just now hearing about this bill that they say that have had for over a year?!? Do they not understand how hard I have been working to get my credit good? Then I get two more bills for doctor visits one I don't worry bout I will pay it but the other I have to fill out all this paper work to get it dropped.

However the worst news of the week....the worst news ever. Was that my financial aid has been suspended! SUSPENDED! I was in absolute shock. I passed that was what I was supposed to do to keep my f.a. and they are telling me it was suspended because I didn't complete 67% of the classes I have taken overall. I have to do this summer class to do the fall class which I need to graduate. So I go fill out an appeal surely they will understand that being pregnant and having a baby meant I had to drop classes...right? Because while I might be able to get the money for this one class there is no way I will be able to come up with the at min $1000 I will have to pay for the fall classes.

So where I wasn't going to work this summer...yeah I gotta find a job. Thankfully the WIA program is doing there summer work now program so I will be working with that for the summer and then I will figure something out for the fall when the job ends. I am just highly put out. I mean here I thought after Janurary I was debt free and could worry about Xay and trying to save some money and then this. I feel rather down about it.

On another note though Xay says bite and mamama now. I was very happy about that.

Well I need to go wake PJ up so he can see Xay before he goes to work. I am going to Sway's later for her to put a chemical straightener on my hair. Long day.

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