Thursday, June 17, 2010

Culinary art school

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I feel so discouraged. I mean I had thought my appeal would come back sooner. But it could take another two weeks so once again I find myself struggling to find a balance. I have to get a job, I have to do school, and I have to take care of Xay. I am not so great with multitasking especially when school is involved. I suck at this math and I am already struggling to do the work and it seems like I have no time yet all the time in the world. What to do? I just want to get this done and move on to bigger and better things. This stupid class is coming out of my pocket so failure is not an option so I am simply going to seek help. I hate asking for help because people have a way of making me feel like an idiot where math is concerned because I don't remember numbers well and it has to be explained several times on several different occasions.

On a better note Xay is now rolling to get where he wants. I mean he has been rolling for awhile but I mean he rolls at a high rate of speed. He can almost pull up into a crawl position. His new world is "ba." Now I knew the way he was saying it that it was something he wanted but I didn't know what because we never say bottle because he takes a sippy. So I went and got a thing of baby food (because his bite and ba sounds similar) and a sippy and held them behind my back. I first showed him the baby food and he looked at it. Then I showed him the sippy and he was like "ba ba ba ba ba!" So his vocabulary is bite, dada, ma, and ba. I love it.

Sullivan University called me about their culinary arts program. I want to go check out their campus and Elizabethtown Community College campus. I need to decide which I want to try for. I already applied to E-Town because it is free what worries me is Sullivan. The price is relatively the same. So as long as I get my financial aid back I will be good to go.

I was thinking that if I do decide to go to Sullivan that I might double major in culinary arts and baking and pastry arts. To do one takes 18 months (mon-thur) or 33 months (weekends). They have quarters instead of semesters and a quarters is 11 weeks with a 2 week break between quarters. Because some of the same classes are required it would possible to double major with only a couple extra quarters. Not sure.

We spent the night at my Aunt Carol's. I have never missed my a/c so much. But she gave me several herbs to replant to start my own herb garden. She gave me basil which I intend to make some made from scratch lasagna, cilantro which I want to try a new recipe for green bean salad with almonds, pineapple sage which I plan to try a pound cake made of, and also dill, chives and I think tarragon but I am not sure. I was very excited and hope that they recover from the heat that they suffered before we got home. Be prepared for some recipes in the near future!!

Xay is sleeping peacefully so I think I am going to try and get some work done.

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