Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're At War!

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My house is at war!!

Not with each other....oh no we are at war with tiny black sugar ants. They are in the microwave, on the stove, on the walls, in the cabinets. Our kitchen is simply over run. I said well mom go get some spray and kill them all. Her reply was that she did not want no such chemicals in her kitchen where she had to cook. Bugs or chemicals? Hmm I think I will take my chances with the chemicals. But of course short of sneaking around and doing it there isn't much choice. But Shaina suggested that I get ant traps...had no clue what the heck those are but apparently they kill the ants and the queen ant too so I am all for it. Now all I have to do is go to the store.

I do believe my son is the happiest baby ever. Except when we are trying to put him to sleep he is forever smiling. Currently he is covered in slober and telling me in his own way that he is done playing with his toys in his pack and play and that he wants to be picked up right now.

I have come to realize a routine has been created. We get up between 9-10 (though we have been up normally for an hour or so) and I change his diaper. Then it is downstairs we go so he can have breakfast which consists on a whole banana and baby rice cereal mixed in. No liquid added. On occasion I will add a baby spoon of vanilla but not often. After he has ate it is back upstairs where he gets his day time lotion put on and dressed for the day. Then he gets put in his pack and play and he normally will play for 20 minutes sometimes more. By 11 or 12 at the latest he is ready for a nap which is about an hour sometimes longer depending on if it is me or my mom who has him. Mind you he will not lay down alone for this he has to be rocked. So after that he is up for the day he gets a jar of baby food normally a veggie and then until bedtime we wing the rest. Then at night he around 9 I start getting him ready for bed which means he gets night time lotion, his diaper changed and pajamas put on. Then he nurses until he falls asleep and then normally I can move away for about an hour before he starts whining and then he will nurse back to sleep and will not let me have my boob back without searching for it and if he can't find it then he cries. If you can't already tell he is spoiled and I am dreading taking him off the boob mainly because of bedtime and how difficult it is gonna be. I will say this never again will I breastfeed exclusively. For the first six weeks I will but then I will give formula too. Because once they get older they know that crap tastes nasty (and believe me I have tasted it to know).

But it is nap time for Xay and I am going to try and get some reading done while he is down for the count.

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