Thursday, May 6, 2010


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It is a well known...maybe not so well known fact that PJ has a daughter who will be 4 this year. Anya. He doesn't really play a role in her life besides child support. There is a lot to that whole situation that is his and Anya's momma business. Needless to say I am the go between when it comes to them talking most of the time.

Today mom and I took Xay to see Anya; it was the first time she has seen him since Halloween. It got me thinking. I know how important my brothers and sister not matter how many mistakes they make mean to me. Will it be the same for Xay and Anya? I know that if I have other kids then they will be around but what about her? It seems almost as if she is forgotten besides a few pictures here and there. I want him to have the chance to get to know her and that isn't that likely where we are moving. Something to think about.

Here is some pics of the day:

I am sure you can all tell I did a bang up job on the
background but I wanted just them and my mom and
Anya's mom was both in the picture.

This is by far my favorite picture not so much of just
Xay but overall the color and how Sway looks I just
loved it. By the way that is my brother's girlfriend and
one of my good friends.
I really should be in bed right about now. I got that 100 mile paper route to go with mom on. Yay! < -- insert heavy sarcasm. Xay seemed to be okay in his new carseat...

Though I just can't believe that his neck can feel good with it laying like that. I forgot to take an extra outfit because I did not realize my mom planned on being gone for a hour and so he ended up riding naked. He has gotten so big on me and I am mildly put out and left wondering where has the time gone; my baby if almost 7 months old.

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  1. Awww look at those chunky thighs! I miss my guy having chunky thighs! My Aiden just turned 19 months old today so I feel your pain on them growing so fast!


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