Monday, May 3, 2010

Reflections of mommyhood

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I wanted to reflect a little on what has changed since I became a mom....

I am less selfish. I used to be about me and how I could get what I wanted. Now I am about Xay and what he needs, wants, or possibly could use in the future.

I have less urge to assert my will. I used to pick a fight....not to just have it but when I wanted to do something and my mom said no, or my mom was just being bitchy, or something of the sort I would fight. I still have to fight to do anything (go to a restaurant with friends, or something like that) but I only do so if I think the benefit is worth the drama that I will have to deal with to get to do it.

My personal hygiene went out the window...what turned to a shower every other day turned into a shower or bath once a week. My hair is always up in a bun because that is quick and easy and less likely to get pulled. I rarely where makeup unless I am going something important. Contacts are rarely worn however I think that might be a mistake considering how many times my glasses get yanked off my face. T-shirts and jeans and flip flops replaced low cut tops and shorts, and the occasional heels.  Instead Xay gets a bath every other day his clothes changed at least 3 times a day, lotion on every morning and night.

I focus more on future planning rather then living for the right here right now. It is more about what I can do to insure Xay will have the best possible life.

I don't think about going out and "having a good time" or whatever.

I guess this in a since was my growing up experience.....having a baby is what it took for me to be an adult. Some people it takes other life changing experiences while others never do. All I know is that I couldn't be more thankful for having my son when I did even though he wasn't planned he was my little message from God.

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  1. Hello Neatha!
    Welcome to motherhood!
    I have four kids and the youngest was born Oct 23, 2009.
    Motherhood does change your way of thinking and living. Before my first daughter was born (when I was 20) I could not hold a job for longer than a few months and didn't care if I did. I only had me to be responsible for. The only thing I was committed to was college, sometimes family and hanging out. But once my daughter was born (and then her sister 16 months later), I realized how important it was for me to be financially stable to take care of them on my own. My oldest was not planned, but she was a miracle and now at 13 years old and about to start High School, she is still a miracle. And I've been at my current job for 8 years now. Children are life changing and they always change your life for the better!


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