Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grow baby grow

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Everyday Xadrian amazes me at something new he has picked up or how big he has gotten. It seems like a distant memory of when he was so small and fragile. It's like a small twinkle in time, blink and it will be gone. He sat up today all by himself for three minutes and might have went longer had I let him. He rolls over chants about his dada and ma. He sticks his tongue out, blows rasperries, tries to give kisses, loves to be cuddles, jumps like a frog, loves to stand. When did all this happen? It seems so unreal.

He still has only two teeth but the top to are working through and yes I am still breastfeeding. Partially because I am scared of the pain that I will have to go through to stop. As of right now I am still have a sore on one of my nipples where he has turned it into his teether. Let me take a moment to express the sheer pain of nursing him on that breast...OWWWWWW! (multiply that by this whole post and that might sum it up) But still I trudge on. Probably will till he is a year old when I can switch him to whole milk. Which I actually thought about going ahead and doing after discussing it. But as of right now I am just using whole milk to supplement his rice cereal. Which reminds me for breakfast today he ate one whole banana, 1/4 cup baby rice cereal, and 1/4 cup whole mix. There wasn't a drop left. He also had his cereal with apples baby food and a little bit of white grape juice with water. And I think that about sums up why he weighs 20lbs now.  I am telling you people if he keeps this growing pattern up he will weigh 30lbs by the time he is a year old. Hopefully he will be trying or maybe already walking by then. He is pushing up almost into the crawling position so soon. Mind you I am in absolutely no hurry for these milestones to occur I just know it is coming though. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time.

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