Sunday, May 2, 2010 problem!

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I am so thankful to only have to worry about two finals as of now. I sent in my last journal and my final for human potential, I got my final draft on my final paper for Appalachian studies so all I have to do is take the final which as far as I know is open book/open note so I am not really worried about it. Biology is running a bit longer then the rest of the classes and that is the final that I have to actually buckle down and study for. Overall it has been a good semester and I am thankful.

Xay is growing like a weed. He sits up for a bout a minute sometimes longer before he tobbles over. He is constantly bouncing like a frog when stood up (I bet I don't introduce a johnny jumper to future children). He can wear 18 month pajamas perfectly and he can wear some 24 month clothes but still has a bit of growing to fit them perfectly. He is the size of a normal healthy 12 month old baby. I wish he would slow down but I am thankful he is healthy and doesn't have any serious health issues. He is my heart and soul.

I have been thinking a lot about my current situation thanks to my human potential class. If everything works out right next tax season I should have enough money to buy a cheap car and hopefully get a place of my own to rent. I still plan on moving to Elizabethtown or Bowling Green to go into cooking in the fall of next year, both a fairly good sized places so I shouldn't have any problems getting a job and a place to live. I think my biggest hang up is having someone to watch Xay. That has always been my biggest worry because he couldn't go to daycare even if  I wanted him too and finding a good safe babysitter is hard. But I am sure it will work out. I am more confident then I was. I look at it like this if I start the program next year in 2 years I will be done which means by 2013 (if the world doesn't end lmao) I will be finished. I love my mom and I have no doubt she will move there or close by (because all of her family is in that part of KY). But I am just going to have to not allow her to manipulate me into what she wants me to be.

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