Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mindless Dribble...

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So much has been going on. I sealed my A in my English 102 class there is 3 more weeks of class yet and I am a lot more confident then I was the last two school semesters. So with this semester done I have Intermediate Algebra online starting in May. Xay makes it hard to get school done because he is up more and is oh so very spoiled. He is now turning over in when on stomach and when on back..he will do it many times. I believe he is cutting more teeth and the other two are almost completely in. He is ofically half of a year old...the big 6 months. I had to stop and reflect back like wow he has come so far. He eats everything I eat that includes mexican and chinese. He loves his toes and his toys and most days he loves his mamaw but more recently he has been wanting me more then her.

PJ and I are still talking but more recently I have been stepping back to really look at the big picture. So I have taken the I am not going to force this if he does it the great if not then we tried. I remind him that we are not dating when he starts to slip back into his normal routine. Today he got down right crabby and I told him hey I don't have to deal with your attitude I am not your girlfriend. I mean it is the truth.

I am still discontented with my life. I long for my own home where I can have a large my sense of organization (at least in my kitchen) and calm. I long for my own vehicle so I will no longer have to be dependent on someone else. I need to be a big girl and stand on my own two feet instead of being a puppet with my mom. She reminds me of a controlling joke.

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