Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catching up

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I just realized how many days has passed...4 days. That means backtracking before I can move forward. So let's start with the 4th.

Easter went very well actually. PJ went with us to Church because it is our sons first Easter. Which was cool because we got to take pictures and Easter egg hunt. I didn't even think about this happening till the lady at Church was like "did you bring baskets?" Um, no? I mean seriously 5 1/2 months isn't really the age for hunting Easter eggs but we mommy's got to. Here is a pic of him and his eggs:

 After he got them he was very much into them. So after that we got pictures with him...seemed weird not doing the whole together as a family pic but oh well. Here are those two pics: 

 I am kind of jealous because PJ got the better pics. But oh well it is so cute. Besides the whole Easter thing my birthday was rather uneventful. I climbed a hill. That's about it. 

PJ and I are still broken up. It's really weird because I am so used to him being on the other side of me or Xay and taking up the whole bed, and just random other things. I mean he is still here and I don't see him leaving in the foreseeable future but it's odd. I told him if he could prove to me that he had his priorities straight and that he was ready to grow up and take responsibility that we would try the whole thing again but that is going to take a lot of time. I know this. What is funny though is without the whole weight of a relationship on my shoulders I get along with him a lot more. Or maybe it is that he is generally trying to get along with me? I am not sure but I do know that I have spent more time hanging out then I have since like the first part of our relationship. But that is good in a way because no matter what ends up happening I want to stay on good terms for the sake of Xay.

Monday was uneventful, I had school. Tuesday I was back at work, and then today I had school and then I came home and proceeded to short the 6-9month clothes for Xay out. I also bought him a Johnny Jump Up. It amuses him for a little bit before he gets tired. Speaking of which I think it is time since he is closing in on 6 months that we reflect on what all he is doing now in list form.

5 months: 3 weeks
  • Plays with his feet and sucks on his big toe.
  • Babbles on very long conversations most recently it includes lots of dada's and big smiles when dada 
  • He no longer sleep long periods of times and which means we are awake longer and earlier (roughly between 6:30-7am).
  • He likes to stand and bounce.
  • We still don't turn over.
  • Loves twos especially those dangling in front of him
  • Loves cell phones even has a toy one.
  • Loves to watch TV especially college basketball games.
  • Wants to eat everything...especially what other people are eating. Gets little tastes of almost everything mommy, mamaw, or papaw are eating. Loves apple blueberry and apple strawberry banana. Loves fresh bananas. 
  • Loves to be naked
  • Sticks tongue out and blows raspberry's
  • Can sit up by himself for about 15 seconds before tumbling over with aide of the boppy pillow
  • Has a tooth almost completely in. Loves to bite mom, random chins, shoulders, fingers and whatever else can be bitten.
  • Wears 6-9 months in most things.
  • Turns towards sounds and tries to imitate words. Loves to listen to music.
  • Passes stuff between hands, and grabs toys and shakes them.
  • lunges forward, goes backwards and a fast rate of speed when laying flat on back. 
Overall he is right on track of where he is supposed to be. He still doesn't roll over in any way shape or form. I am starting to think that he will just skip that and go straight to crawling or walking. Haha. Only time will tell. 

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