Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cafe, Aunties, and diapers!

I know I have been missing in action lately. Things have been rather busy. I am in the last two weeks of school so finals are coming up and I had to get caught up on homework I still have a few things left to do but overall I am happy with the fact that I will pass college. I have been thinking hard about what I want to do after I get my AA and I finally decided to looking at to community colleges in Western KY that offer culinary arts. I would go for catering and personal chef which is good I like to cook. I think I would probably lean more to a bakery but I would love to have a cafe. So who knows. It something that there will always be a need for be it working for myself or for a hotel or something.

Xay is doing excellent he is growing leaps and bounds. He has his bottom two teeth and is working on cutting his top center left tooth now. He does have some odd white spots popping up in his mouth but hopefully they won't amount to anything. He went for his six month well baby visit on Monday and got his last Hep B vaccine. It will be the last one he gets at least for a long time. He weighed 19 pounds and was 29.5 inches long. The pedi didn't seem to think that he would make it to a year rear facing because of how fast he is growing. I mean he is already growing out of a good portion of his 6-9 month clothes and needs at minimum 12 month sleepers. Which means if he keeps this up I am going to have to suck it up and go shopping for clothes. He says mama now I was so excited when he started saying it. He still loves to jump and he loves his toys. He eats at least three things of baby food a day and gets bites of whatever we are eating meat included. He still doesn't have citrus or acidic foods just yet. The faces he makes when he gets bites of some foods are priceless but of course there is never a camera around for those times. Though when he is allowed to have sour and tart food (such as lemons or dill pickles) I will make sure there is a camera handy.

So my brother (David) is officially a taken man. One of my friends (Sway) told me he was hot so I gave her his number and it was like magic. They are two of a kind I swear. It is kind of funny because Xay is very selective about who he sleeps on so when he fell asleep for Sway I told her that he was predicting that she was going to be his Auntie Sway. It was cute. She is planning on going to Texas to see him in less then a month.

Xay had his first accident. He was sitting in my lap and all of a sudden tobble forward face first into her laptop. He cried for like 5 seconds max because he seems to be a champ when it comes to pain but Sway cried for like 2 minutes of over it. It was priceless

And since I am smelling him at the moment I will end here because that diaper must be changed!



    Seriously. Doesn't your convertible car seat have extended rear facing capabilities? I thought it went up to at least 30 lbs?

    Seriously. This is the one baby thing I am most passionate about because it saves babies lives. Daily. The American Academy of Pediatrics is changing the recommendations to TWO years of age, not one. Keevia will be rear facing (even if I have to buy a new seat) until she is at least three years old. She will be in a five point harness until she's at least 5.

    I don't know if you read Profoundly Seth, but you should read her stuff about carseats, and email her if you have questions. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about carseats.

    That's another GREAT resource. Please, please, PLEASE don't turn him around ANY time soon.

  2. I like this one!Yes David is Taken!:)


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