Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Xadrian's update

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Poor Xay...that sums up the last few days. Maybe it should be poor mom, dad and xay. My mom is recovering from RSV, my dad took it two days ago, Xay is almost over it but has his bottom middle tooth trying to push through. I expect to see his tooth by the end of this week. Then of course add a grumpy PJ and a exhausted me and well the household is just all out of sorts.

I would not be surprised if Xay weighs every bit of 18lbs now. We are eating all kinds of baby foods (bananas, carrots, greenbeans), all kinds of bites from my foods (mashed potatoes, tastes of chocolate, ice cream, apples), drinking apple juice and water. He is like a bottomless pit. Mind you of course he always gets offered the breast first and then if he still is hungry he gets the above mentioned things. Now he will as of right now eat everything except sweet potatoes. I was so proud because I hate them too and he spit them out like "mamaw I can't believe you tried to feed me that!"

It seems surreal that he is 5 months old. He is 2 inches shorter then his soon to be two year old cousin. I knew he was going to be tall but that caught me off guard. Part of me wishes he would slow down but I am happy he is healthy.

Besides teething and RSV he is doing wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better child, he babbles to us randomly saying dada when the mood strikes him (of course he would have a independent streak a mile wide), he can sit unassisted for a few seconds before toppling over, he still won't roll over however he belly wiggles in circles, he likes his walker seat thingie and he still like his swing. He is a champ.

He got his Easter picture made Saturday with a live bunny. I can't wait to be able to post it! It was so priceless. Jan's Photography takes them at True Value for Easter and Christmas. She does a really good job. She was the one that took his Christmas picture. I can justify $5.00 for a pic that I can get copies of for 28 cents.

Well I am at work so I must get to it!

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