Friday, March 26, 2010

RSV = Bronchiolitis

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Last night was the movie premier for iGirl: A Teen Survival Guide. Which is a movie for high schools about sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and domestic violence. I am sure we can all remember the horribly out dated videos that they show that was boring. Well this movie is replacing those. Anyways it was locally made by Caney Digital Media and I along with three other girls were the main story line characters. This was made last summer (June-July....I was pregnant) and I couldn't be happier to say that I was a part of something that might make a difference. My character was Victoria "Tori" Sumner, she was 16 and subject to rape (through a date rape drug) by her drama teacher. It goes through how she was uncomfortable but didn't know what to do about it, going to the party and drinking the spiked drink, blacking out, then going to the hospital to get the rape kit done and finally court and having the teacher put away for like 12 years. The other girls were Kayla (played by Melissa Schwer) who was subject to a stalker. She was a cheerleader and he was her nerdy study partner (well I blanked on the character name but he was played by Nathan Tubs). Megan (played by Vergena Fields) who was dating the star football player (Jesse played by Carlton Totten who is on MTV Taking The Stage) who turned out to be a controlling prick and ended up knocking her up and leaving her. Finally there was Zoe a total goth girl who's father was the head football coach. He beat her mom and also abused her. Moving back to my original point yesterday was the premier, I was so happy to see the finished product. It was a lot of work but it payed off.

The MAIN point wasn't to talk about the movie however; this post is about Xay. Towards the end of the movie I noticed that he was super hot. I knew it must be a fever so when we got to the car I check it and it was 99.4. I wasn't worried about that because I knew he was teething so I chalked the low fever to that. By the time we got home it was like 100.8; a little high. So I called Dr. Sunshine and told her what was going on and she told me to go ahead and give him tylenol and if it spiked again to bring him it. So I did and we went to bed. 3:30am rolled around and I woke up to switch sides for him to nurse and checked his temp it was 101.4 so I gave him another dose of tylenol and decided to wait to see what the morning held. I woke back up at 8:00am because I was supposed to go to school and work and checked his temp and it was 99.8 I decided to wait a little bit and check it again so about 15 minutes later it was back up to 101. So I decided to skip both and take him to the doctors. So by 8:30 we were at Dr Sunshine's. His oxygen level was 90 so they gave him a breathing treatment which brought it up to 100 where it was supposed to be. But besides a red throat there was nothing wrong. So she decided to do a CDC to check his white blood count which came back 10 which was a little low but nothing to worry about. After that she decided to send him to have a chest xray to make sure his RSV hadn't turned into came back clear. So when we came back for those results (like 4 hours later) his oxygen level was like 87 so he had to have another breathing treatment. So she decided to put him on breathing treatments every four hours. She was worried that the red throat was strep throat and wanted to go ahead and give him amoxicillin (which I am very allergic to) and I flat out refused without having the test (which the clinic had ran out of two days ago because apparently strep is going around) so we got sent to the hospital lab to have it came back negative. Funnily when I was leaving the clinic to go to the hospital I was talking to the nurses and told them how I refused to give him the meds without knowing if he actually had it or not one of the nurses looked at me and said "I like you." I was like why? Not that I mind of course but there had to be a reason behind the statement and she was like "Because that is how a mother is supposed to be." Made me all warm and fuzzy. We as parents need to question what is told to us especially when are kids are concerned. I am not about to put anything into my son without good reason. But we finally got home and Xay is zonked out on my lap about to get his breathing treatment because he does have bronchiolitis (a contagious viral infection of the small airways that causes difficulty breathing) caused from the rsv.

Other news in list form:
Xay's tooth broke through a couple of days ago.
He now weighs 17lbs 12oz (I was almost right about the 18lbs)
He is in the 90-100th percentile for length (He is taller then his two year old cousin)
Mom and dad are still sick.

Now I am off to give him his breathing treatment..I really need to take pictures of this because it is a fish mask. (it's cute!)

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