Thursday, March 11, 2010

Proverbial tornado

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I feel bad for not updating the last few days. It has been like a proverbial tornado hit our house. Haha. Renovations are just lovely. My room is not quite finished I still need to get the border up and do some touch ups to the paint but overall I cannot begin to express how satisfied I am that I painted it. It looks like a new and more calming place. I will be sure to post pictures of the finished product. The hallway is still a wreck but slowly coming together. After it is finished the only thing my mom has to tackle (note I said not me) is the living room. Oh and for the record I will never ever ever paint my own house. I will pay someone or just not do it again. My back is not forgiving me for it at all.

In other news I bought and started the 30 Day Shred yesterday...all I can say I have never really truly exercised a day in my nearly 21 years of life. I loathe the very idea of it but the simple fact is I am either going to have to loose weight or I am going to have to buy a whole new closet of clothes. People I just don't have that kind of money so loosing weight is the only option I have and really I need to lay off the pop and junk food and this would have never happened but it seems like since I had the Xadrian that is all I drink/eat and my mom does not help at all....she calls me fat yet she buys me the stuff while saying that I shouldn't eat that. What sense does that make? All I know is I am going to stick to my guns and do this workout everyday if it kills me and it just might haha.

Xay is doing good. I don't care what people say it is quite possible to spoil a baby....maybe not truly spoil them but you get them into the routine of doing something and then they cry if it is changed. Boy oh boy is my son spoiled. He is spoiled to being rocked to sleep by ONLY his mamaw no one else apparently can rocked to her. He is spoiled to having my boob at night ALL night long and if I move he HUNTS for it and if he can't find it he wakes up and looks for it. He is spoiled to food in beans, apple juice, mashed potatoes, bananas....yeah you get the idea on that one quite literally you can give him the tiniest of bites and he will cry bawl for more. Who am I to deny him a few spoon fulls of food that I know ain't going to kill him? Though I tell him he is going to have to go on a diet (kidding). But he is healthy and currently asleep on my lap. I can't even imagine my life without him now. He has me wrapped around his tiny little finger.

But my friend Rachel is supposed to be coming around 4 to go to eat at the Chinamanese (my word but is really simply chinese) place. So I have got to tame this frizz nest I call curly hair down.

Here is a couple pictures though for you.....oh and you can see my wall color!!

Father and Son.

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