Monday, March 1, 2010

Of family and baby food...

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So I am glad I waited to post because I was beyond mad the other day. PJ's moms boyfriend called my mom drunk saying that he didn't think my son was PJ's and that I was a nigger and just a whole host of just mean things. I reacted very badly verbally. I will admit that I have a very bad mouth and while I am working on that when I get pissed all the words I shouldn't say come out. Do I feel regretful? Absolutely not. There are few things I will hold a grudge over and stuff involving my son is one of those things. You can say whatever you want about me....granted I might say something back but I will quickly forget it. When it comes to saying something about my son that is a whole different matter.

So this isn't a good year for my real family remember? Yeah well I thought the whole jail ordeal with my oldest siblings would be the worst of it. No I was very wrong. My sister was in jail 2 weeks (the case is going to most likely be thrown out). Her (insert several cuss words) husband, Curt (soon to be exhusband hopefully) had all three kids (Cameron, 5; Gage, 4; Rylee, 2). I had gave him my number in hopes that he would allow me to come get the kids because I had this gut feeling something bad would happen if Amy didn't get out of jail quick. Yeah so he had sent several texts to my cell wanting me to come up there and to have sex with him. I thought that was bad but that was nothing compared to what was to come. The day my sister got out of jail, her dad bailed out because her kids were taken by social services. Curt had hit Rylee in the chin making her bite her fingers till they were swollen and bleeding. This was because she fell off I guess the coffee table or couch. He choked Cameron until he turned blue because he stepped in mud. Gage he didn't touch because Curt doesn't question the fact that they are his. I mean he is the spitting image of his dad while the other two don't look much like him. So my sister is trying hard to get her kids back. She goes back to court on the 27th of April. But till then she gets to see them like 3 times a week for an hour. I couldn't imagine how she feels. I would kill someone over hurting my son like that. I mean that isn't very Christian of me, but it is the truth.

So that is one sibling. Shane called me not even an hour before Amy did that day (everything bad with those two seems to happen very close together). Asking me if it came down to it if I would file for custody of his two kids (his ex-girlfriend has custody of them) apparently Rachel had no food in the place she was staying and were locking them in a room. I am pretty sure I didn't post anything about Caiden before this so let me fill you all in on this one. June of 2009 when Caiden was 5 months old he went into the hospital after being sick for like 5 days. Turns out he had a fractured skull. Social services got involved but nothing was every found out. Both Amy and her husband and Shane and Rachel were investigated but no evidence could link them. But it happened at one of the two places. I refuse to get long winded so bottom line was it was most likely either Curt or Rachel. But we will probably never know. So he ended up having a shunt placed into his head because of bleeding. So when Shane asked me to take both kids I have to say I paused. I have love for all my nieces and nephews but I am only one person and my mom isn't capable of running after kids. I haven't seen either of the kids since Caiden was 3 months old. So while I will do it if I have to just like I would for any of the kids I am just not confident of how it would turn out.

Okay so enough about family. I had decided to paint my room a shade of red that was sorta dark but it was so pretty with gray. I went to Wal-Mart had two gallons mixed...he showed it to us and it was hot pink but the guy swore it would dry darker. HA! That is beyond funny because last night mom started painting the bathroom with it because it was the same color I wanted to do it in. And it was like fire engine red crashed into a flamingo pink. It was horrible! I was so glad I didn't start my room first. So went went to wal-mart and made them give me my money back, then came back to town and went to true value to see about getting the blue I originally wanted (because I am not brave to try red again) but we are going to wait because it is like $19 a gallon and it goes on sale Wednesday for $5 off, which would be cheaper then the paint I bought at Wal-Mart. In the mean time mom decided not to even try to paint over the disaster that is the bathroom, but rather wallpaper it. So I told her more power to her. I did rearrange my room last night...I lowered the bed because with Xay getting bigger I was scared he would roll off my bed which was super high. So I am happy with the layout now all I need is to paint and I will be happy....for the moment I rearrange my room 4-5 times a year.

Ooooh speaking of Xay (can't you tell my mind is jumping around to many subjects) I allowed my mom to talk me into buying so gerber banana baby food (which by the way I still at almost 21 will eat). We (Xay and I) proceed to eat it with his brand new baby spoons (for the dollar store oh yeah!). He took to it with no problems didn't push the food out of his mouth and actually opened his mouth for a bite when the spoon got close enough. Not that he got more then two spoon fulls of it but it was a start we will see how it goes. I need to get a thingie to puree food so I can make my own because our food processor just does not cut it.

Alright so I think this post. Xay is waking up from his nap on my mom so I reckon I will  get him so she can get her stuff done.

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