Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blogging honestly and staying out late.

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Okay so I am weighing in on the to much honesty issue that has been going on in the blog world. I know that I blog very openly about anything and almost everything going on in my life. I always have. I started my livejournal in 2002 when I was 13 years old. I have been thinking about going ahead and moving the majority of the posts onto blogger, but I am still undecided as there is 8 years of "friends only" posts on that one. I still have been periodically moving posts from this blog over to it...simply because some day I aspire to make it into a book that they offer that I can keep.

People say oh well friends, family, coworkers, kids, church members...etc read my blog! So? First off you all no I take human potential this semester; we are currently learning about "inner voice." It isn't your conscious which is controlled by world views but rather that gut instinct that drives you to do something without thinking about what the world will think. I like that. I am not here to please the world. I am not here to conform to what everyone says is "right." I am here to be myself....or in the words of Socrates "know thyself."  Do I worry what family thinks? No I don't. I don't put anything on here that I wouldn't say to their face. I wouldn't say anything that I was asked not to say.

So what exactly am I saying? In plain words I am not going to change what I have been doing for 8 years because all of a sudden my blog has been discovered by people. That is what makes me..me. My whole writing style is based around the fact that I can be myself, this is my refuge. It has gotten me through my emotional war that I had when I was younger, gotten me through being suicidal, being a cutter, through smoking weed and quitting, through finding my real family, through the trials my family has faced. Why should I start censoring everything now? 

Can you not tell that I have nothing better to do then to rant for the last 20 minutes about the above topic? Yeah I am at work and while I have started and finished to assignments they asked me to do at the moment I am doing my favorite assignment...watching the front desk. Which means of course that I get to type a lengthy post without PJ asking me what it is that I am doing.

Speaking of PJ...ever since his brothers truck broke and he started having to ride with PJ everywhere PJ has been staying out till all hours of the night. I mean they go to work at 3:30ish and get of a little after 1am. Now it would make sense for them to drive the 20 minutes home and go to bed so they can get stuff done? Nope not at all. They come home around 4-5am. I have issues with this...not issues I am beyond furious about this. PJ didn't use to do this and I fully blame Rob for the whole situation but that is neither here nor there. I cannot stand the fact that on PJ's days off he will leave at 11pm and drive 30 minutes to go to Super Wal-Mart and not come home till 5am. I am not sure how to tackle the issue. But I know that if it keeps up there is going to be a fight over it.

My whole line of thinking just got interrupted so I am going to stop here.  

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  1. Good for you for being honest.

    --aww thank you so much. Your encouragement definitely helps. Neatha, as strange and nasty as this may sound, it's kind of nice to know someone else has felt it. Not that I would wish the pain on you...but you probably know what I mean. To answer your question, I haven't really explained what all happened yet. I know that's probably not fair, when I get on here to blog about how I'm feeling. I just don't think I'm ready yet to tell the whole story. Some day I will, though. Some day.

    (I'm not sure if you come back here to my blog to my responses, so I'm going to post it on your blogs, too. If you do, I apologize for the double comments.)


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