Sunday, March 28, 2010

Biting = Breastfeeding = Excruciating Pain

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Albuterol and my son do not get along. He ends up jerking really bad and has trouble sleeping and it was just very bad. So after many phone calls and finally getting a hold of our pediatrician it was decided to put him on xopenex which is sort of like albuterol but not quite the same. It was a lot better, he still gets fussy but none of the other disturbing reactions. Actually I really didn't want to give him either but she said it was either this or have him admitted into the hospital so they could give him oxygen. That was not an option in my book. So we have to give him the treatments every 4-6 hours. Hopefully tomorrow his oxygen levels will be normal and I won't have to give him anymore of these things because it is stressful on him which means it is stressful on me.

He is still so sick and the whole tooth thing is not helping matters any. I am actually considering putting him on formula when he gets better because NOTHING works to get him to stop biting me. I have tried telling him no, tried taking the breast away from him, tried the loud OW...his reaction is to yank and look up at me and smile big like it's funny. I am not saying that I am giving up I want to at least make it to 6 months but I thinking stopping is a good thing. I mean I never planned to do it this long and I am glad I did but I am in conflict with myself. Part of me is looking forward to not breastfeeding, not to worry about wearing clothes that won't show if I leak, not to worry about coming home while in class, not to worry about the teeth; the other part of me thinks I am being selfish for not breastfeeding longer. I know I am not the type to breastfeed over a year. That much I am absolutely positive of. But I just don't know where to start with breaking him. I know this though I am absolutely dreading that tooth coming in the rest of the way.

I finally got around to buying knee highs to make baby legs....let me rephrase that...I bought knee highs for my mom to make baby legs. She is a lot better and the whole hand stitching then me. Normally it would cost me $30 for two pairs instead the price was $5 for two. I really don't see why anyone would want to pay full price for the brand name. But as I speak my exhausted son who finally gave up the battle against nap town is laying in his mamaw arms being rocked with his black and gray stripped home made baby legs. I can't wait to go to other stores to look for some other patterns of socks to make more.

Well my birthday is exactly a week away. Do I have plans for my big 21st? Absolutely not. I think that I will eventually buy a bottle of wine (no idea what kind but I do know it won't be white wine) and I would like to try a mudslide at Applebee's. WHICH reminds me! I knew there was something I was forgetting and that was Amanda's birthday. We went with some friends to Applebee's last night to celebrate our friend Amanda's 20th birthday. She had a baby girl a little over a month ago. We had a good time (first time I have been out with a group of my friends my age) but I was more then ready to get home to Xay. I know now why I don't do it often.

But yeah I am going to get off here I am trying to make a mixbook for my real moms birthday which is the 10th of April.

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  1. Aww sorry to hear he's been having trouble :(

    I started taking albuterol when I was 4 and I remember some of the effects on my little body. Hope he feels better soon!


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