Friday, February 5, 2010


Do I regret putting my life out there by blogging? Not at I think my mom might kill me for doing absolutely. But I don't worry about it to much. This is my life uncut, and uncensored. I have been through a lot and seen a lot....I am hated and I am loved. Do I worry about what people are saying about me? Nah I find it funny and publicity brings people in bad or good.

With that said I would like to say hello to the people who have visited my blog thanks to the Jackson Topix board. You all may browse through the numerous posts and feel free to enter the giveaway that I have going on.

With that said moving on.....

Today was fairly boring I had class (Appalachian Studies) today it was fairly boring actually. We watched a video about the history of Appalachia and went to the library (which since I work there is boring) to look at the section about Kentucky Appalachia. Which if you are looking for information the Lee's Library has plenty of books.

After that I got the giveaway posted and decided to work on some school work. Actually procrastinate like always but I swear after I post this I am going to go do school! I have two homework assignments and a journal for Human Potential, reading for Intro to Conservation Biology, and one report and research for Appalachian Studies.

And besides that here are some pictures for you!

Mr. Rattle you amaze me make me look cross eyed while 
trying to get you in my mouth!
His little feet amaze me....

A mohawk? Really?
I have no idea how we
accomplished this one.
I wish I had of been able to actually
catching the laughing on my video
camera but I was too slow. But yea 
he laughed out loud...really laughed
today for the first time.

My sister finally got to see Xadrian for the first time. The is my big
sister Amy, my nephews Gage (left) and Cameron (right), and my 
niece Rylee.


  1. Hi Neatha! Nice to "meet" you. :) I just logged on and saw the comment you left on my blog. Thanks for stopping by! And for following! It brought a smile to my face. :) And the cross-eyed picture in this post is pretty funny and cute

  2. Hey saw that you stopped by my blog! Your little boy is adorable! I can feel your pain on balancing school and a motherhood. I'm right there with ya.

  3. I LOVE BABY TOES!!!!!!!! Great pic!

    Since I did not homeschool my daughter, I really do not know that much about it. I'm looking for a few experts (after reading your blog you appear to be one!) to discuss homeschooling in my new forum BLOGNTWEET at

    I would greatly appreciate your input. The link to the homeschooling page is

    If you do this for me, let me THANK YOU ahead of time!

    I found you in the BlogFrog discussion today.

  4. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I like the way that you blog about real life, the good & the bad. As for that website Topix. It's nothing but trash & you can't pay attention to anyone on there. That is the most rediculous website I have ever seen!


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