Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

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Ah, the day that we officially celebrate love and our significant others. I used to be the person that boycotted this day. I loathed the very idea of Valentine's Day. But here I am celebrating it in full force.

Last night kicked off Valentine's Day. PJ bought me a teddy bear with chocolates and a card. I had bought a card that was "from Xay" and gave it to him. Here is the pics of what he gave me....

Today has been a very good day. My dad, Xay and I went to church he was all dressed up....


We were supposed to go see a movie after we ate at Applebee's but that was an epic fail. Applebee's was packed and we didn't get out until after the movie had already started. So we enjoyed a good dinner with Xay and then went to gamestop and wal-mart. I got Xay some of those wood blocks. Then we got a couple movies from movie gallery and are going to watch them. 

Poor Xay has the worst gas ever. I mean he smells worse then his daddy when he is letting it off. The fact that he is in my lap while doing so....well lets just say that I am slightly green around the gills. But I think he might be poopin too so that is always good.

Well here are some more pics of today for you and then I am off. I hope you all had a good Valentine's Day!!

The first one is of Xay and I sporting his other Valentine's bib because he spit up all over the first one. The second is of PJ taking a picture of us while we were taking a picture of him and the last one was my favorite because he was peeking up over the table with his fingers showing.

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