Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Ups and Downs

So this morning didn't go so smooth. I got this phone call at 3:44am from this guy I hadn't talked to in like 3-4 years. I met him in the mall way back when talked to him through text and had met him one other time. It was weird and caught me totally off guard. So after a brief how are you, what's going on with you, and telling him I was in a relationship I quickly got off the phone.

That was one call well then 7:30am rolls around and PJ's mom calls. So here the the back history apparently someone claimed PJ(19) and Rob(28) on their income taxes. How they managed it I have no clue but Rob's taxes wouldn't go through because of it. So prime suspect is of course PJ's mom who had no right to claim either person. So PJ asked her about it (of course I wouldn't believe her with as much as she lies). So she calls me trying to blame Rob's mom who didn't file taxes at all this year because she didn't work and I said I didn't know but the IRS was looking into it and whoever did it was going to be in trouble. So we got off the phone and then a couple minutes later my phone rings again and it is her and her (29 yr old) boyfriend is cussing in the background saying basically that he wanted to kick PJ's a** and blah blah blah you get the idea. I was mad already because it was so early and I had been up late, I don't like her because of the way she lets her boyfriend talk to her son, for the fact that she has only seen Xay twice since he has been born, for the way she done PJ's dad while he was dying from cancer, for the way she lives ... again you get the point. I had been nice never said anything out of the way or voiced my dislike to her until this morning. Eddie's mouth running in the background was the final straw. I told her that she was no kind of mother to let her boyfriend talk about/to her son like that and that was why my son knew Diane (his great-aunt) as his grandmother and why she was not welcome at my parents house or around my son. I was beyond mad I am still mad. I hung up on her before I could say the rest of what I thought. I know it is not exactly Christian like but I am only human and I can only deal with so much before I loose my cool.

I was almost late to Church because I finally went back to sleep. My dad woke me up and I got Xay and myself dressed and took him downstairs and left him with his Uncle Rob while I went out and tried to fix the car seat. We went from the infant car seat to the 3-in-1 car seat that I originally bought. I was trying to get it to lean back more and succeeded only slightly, but it is more comfortable for him to ride it then what it was. Anyways we made it through Church.

We then had choir practice and Xay tried to sing with us my mom took him from me. I don't know how to broach the fact that she is driving me crazy by taking him away from me when I am at places. Like I can't take care of my own son? Really? I feel like banging my head against the desk over it.

I am so happy to have classes tomorrow. The snow has caused us not to have classes so I am curious to see how this is going to change the classes. Probably not much but I am really hoping that my teacher doesn't decide to give the test he was supposed to give last week.


  1. I think you handled his mom quite well considering. My guess is moms boyfriend knows she claimed the kids and he probably had something to do with it. Sad thing is she will probably be the only one to go down for it though. Good luck with all of it!

  2. I could see how upset you were getting in church this morning when you would reach for Xay and your mom wouldn't give him to you. I soooo get where you're coming from, that would drive me INSANE. It bugs me when Carl has her, she's hungry and crying, and he's just trying to give her kisses real quick. I can't imagine you knowing you could fix it, and someone not giving your babe to you!



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