Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow and family matters

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Okay so we haven't had snows like this since I was like 3 years old. I mean we are having a snowy winter. Between tonight and tomorrow we are supposed to get 2 to 6 inches of snow and while I know that isn't a lot compared to what the East Coast got the conditions is worse then what we are used to here. I mean seriously we had a white out....that's insane! But since it cleared up and and snowing lighter I decided to go take some pictures and freeze my non-socked feet off!

As I am sure you can tell they have yet to try and clear any roads.

You know I had to do this right? I may hate the cold
but if I have to be out for some reason I will make 
use of it you know. =D

I blog truthfully and uncensored. Yeah that means I blog about family and I don't hold nothing back. Do they read this yeah. Do I care? No because I will say the same stuff to their faces. 

So here goes....My oldest brother got locked up almost a week and a half ago. Why because he is being stupid...doing stupid stuff. He got locked up for trafficking and possession and carrying a concealed deadly weapon. Then after all that goes down I find out he is smoking crack. Are you serious? Really? You know I thought he had got his act together and was really wanting to get his kids or at least visitation. I totally lost all respect I had for him. I love him because he is my brother but as long as he is doing this I think it is best if I just stay away....and that is what I am going to do.

Then almost exactly a week after sister goes to jail! Now here I am thinking what is this like lets see how many family members can get in trouble in February? Wow. So she is sitting on a class D felony of theft. I am not happy because she swore to me she didn't do it and then they come back that they have her on tape. So what respect and trust I had for her flew out the window too. 

And David I don't know what is going on with him and I am much to loyal to him to say if I did know. Make note that he is my favorite brother and I would protect him from hell itself if I could. 

So I dunno my sibling seem to be falling apart and it's like a bad train wreck getting ready to happen....you just can't turn your head.

I know I shouldn't be in the middle. Heck I didn't even ask to be in the middle. But I am. Everyone in Indiana and Ohio calls me when things goes wrong. Do I care? Um....only when the kids are in the matter. Seriously Amy and Shane are grown adults. There choices have consequences and they have to learn to deal with them. The same thing goes for my real mom. As for David well he is like a closed and locked book. You won't hear to much out of him. That hurts a little because he is the one I want to be close to and I just ain't. He used to call me a lot more before Iraq....now I am lucky to hear from him a couple times a month. 

Okay so I guess I ranted enough. I finally got Xadrian to sleep. I hope he sleeps longer....and I hope I don't have school tomorrow.

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  1. wow that is a heavy heart to have to carry around. keep your head up and focused on the things you can control.


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