Tuesday, February 9, 2010


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So my mom has a virus? Maybe? I am really unsure I just know she was sick. So I ended up only getting to work 2.5 hours which is not good at all. But I had to come watch Xay. I feel bad for her, she doesn't get sick often but when she does it drains her.

I am going to try the Jeopardy college contest tonight at 9pm. Do I think I will do good? Nah but it will be fun.

Xay has a scratch on his face. His nails are so sharp and he wakes up when I try and cut them and one time of me accidentally nipping him because he jerked his hand and him bleeding caused me to wait until I absolutely have to cut them.

Class tomorrow I have got to go to find out what my English assignment is. I have missed the last 3 classes. Really if he even realizes it then its a miracle. He doesn't take roll and as far as I know he doesn't grade work. At least if he does we never see those grades. Speaking of which holy cow I got homework due! *runs off to do it*

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  1. Wow you are a busy mommy!! how did jeopardy go?! And I've heard clipping nails is soooo hard on babies, I worry about that, I like long nails myself but they aren't so good on babies if they're gonna go and scratch themselves :(

    You are beautiful mama!


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