Monday, February 8, 2010

Scout and Xay

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Class was very boring today, nothing was really accomplished. I missed English because I had to go to the health department in PC.

I got my FAFSA check in the mail today and that was cool. I put the majority of it in the bank and then went and got Xay a new toy and some stuff we needed for the bathroom (I am the only girl that uses the bathroom upstairs and there is 3 men who use gets nasty). But as I was saying Xay got a toy that I have been looking  for awhile. He loved it! Here is some pics....

I got to work tomorrow. My hours got cut down to 17 hours every two weeks. I am okay with that though; it means I spend more time with Xay. 

Screaming baby....must go.

update: I need to find away to put mp3's into a stuffed son loves instrumental music that Scout plays and there is some baby music that used to be like hard rock that he loves too. Problem is this stuff just doesn't play long enough.

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