Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PS Elements and Anya

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So I got bored and start going through MckMama's photography lessons. I decided to give it a try but only had two pics to really try it out on. I am looking at getting a new camera but right now this was the best I could do.
Before                                         After
Before                                     After

Speaking of that lovely lady I don't think I have ever said much about her. So now is as good a time as any right? 
(this is an old pic the above two were taken
this past Dec though.)

This lovely lady is Anya Marie. She is PJ's daughter. She is an animal killer lover, movie watching, preschool attending, 3 year old little girl. We don't see her very much anymore, before I got pregnant I made it a habit to get her every weekend so PJ could see her but not so much as of late. I swear all PJ ever does is go to work or sleep and when he is home is usually late at night. But I feel bad about it because she needs him in her life. She asks about her big brother and before when I was pregnant she would rub her tummy and say she had a baby in her tummy to. 

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