Monday, February 22, 2010

Organizing Monday

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I am sitting in the grill waiting for my next class to start and thinking about what exactly that I need to get done today. Which is very little really, nothing pressing. But I feel the need to organize myself. So here goes
  1. Go through the baby clothes for more 3-6months stuff
  2. Put away all clothes in proper places
  3. Study for test for at least an hour (30 min. sittings)
  4. Start on settlement school rough draft
  5. Give Xay a bath
  6. Straighten hair
  7. Don't forget ENGLISH class
I think that is all? Not in that order of course but still. Hopefully this will be a good week. I have to take Xay to his 4 month well baby visit and I got to work tomorrow. I also want to stop and see the artist from Bolivia that will be at the college tomorrow. Then Wed. I have class one of which I have a test in. Thursday I have to do papers with mom, Friday I have the report on Cherokee casinos that I have to get done and I have to work and then the weekend is here and as of right now I have no pressing stuff to do then.

I got 30 minutes to kill and no idea how I am going to do it but I guess I will go catch up on some of the blogs I am following. Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

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  1. I hate being stuck waiting for an appointment or a class when I have a whole list of things to attend to that I could be doing! Good luck with everything!


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