Friday, February 19, 2010

MS word can kiss my booty!

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Why did I have to be so stupid to assume that Microsoft Word would actually love me? That it would work so smoothly that I could get my paper done with no problems? I feel very let done, annoyed, angry, agitated, and a whole host of other things due to the fact that it stopped responding at the last second right before I hit save and now it is sitting still not responding and most likely not going to respond. I lost the whole freaking paper and it is due tomorrow morning! There is no way that I can pull that work back off by tomorrow. *sighs* That is a lesson learned the hard way.

So I am thinking I am going to miss class tomorrow better miss the class and be able to due my report next class then to go to class and get a big fat 0 for the report not being done. Yep that sounds like the best plan.

In other niece is having another girl! That brings me up to a whopping total of three great nieces! She wanted a boy desperately but no such luck I told her she strictly made females. Actually she is very lucky not to end up with twins....heck I was lucky not to end up with twins when Xay came along. I am excited about the newest part of the family yet worried about the conflicts it will cause between my mom and her son and granddaughter.

I did buy the new scrapbook so I can start scrapbooking Xay's first year. I am not as creative as some but it turns out decent and I have all kinds of stuff to put in it. I am pretty sure I am going to start with finding out I was pregnant, through the three ultrasounds, birth, and then on to the rest of the highlights of this year. So most likely holidays, firsts, and stuff along that line.

I think that about sums up my day. I don't feel that great and I think it is because of the amount of junk food I have been consuming. I really need to work on my diet but I am a bored eater. When I get bored I eat. The result...back up to a size 7 jeans just when I had made it to a size 5 again. I really need to give up the chocolate and the pop. But I have such a love for both. This is going to be really hard. I need a partner!

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